A close-up view of the Luna Display USB-C hardware laying on its side

Luna Display

turn your iPad into a wireless second display

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Supports Computer-to-iPad, Computer-to-Mac, and Headless Mode


Luna Display's Many Modes

Make the most of your devices with Luna Modes β€” in the office, at home, or on the go.

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Computer to iPad

Turn your iPad into a second display – works with Mac and PC. Luna harnesses the power of your desktop and extends your workspace onto a touchable device.

A Mac and iPad sit side by side on a desk

Computer to Mac

Use any Mac as a second display for your Mac or PC. It also works on older Mac models.

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A Mac and iPad sit side by side on a desk
An iPad connected to a Mac mini displays a video of a rocket ship

Headless Mode

Looking for a powerful travel-friendly setup with your Mac mini? Headless Mode lets you use your Mac or iPad as the main display for Mac mini and Mac Pro.

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A close-up view of the Luna Display USB-C hardware

Luna Display


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getting started with luna display

A hand plugs the Luna Display hardware into the side of a windows PC

1. plug in Luna

Plug the Luna hardware into your computer to get started. Luna is available for USB-C and HDMI.

A woman sits on a couch holding an iPad with a presentation on it

2. launch the apps

Launch the free Luna apps on your primary and secondary devices.

A Windows PC and an iPad sitting side by side at a desk, moving a window between the two devices

3. connect

Luna will automatically connect your devices over your existing WiFi network or USB cable.

A view of the Luna Display packaging with an open box

Available for USB-C and HDMI. One-time purchase (no subscriptions).


for artists: pair luna with astropad

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A person drawing on the iPad with an Apple Pencil using Astropad Studio shortcut gestures

What Astro has pulled off is remarkable

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Luna will change your travel workflow

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For the first time a wireless solution has impressed us

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Luna’s visual fidelity is frankly stunning

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Luna is incredibly impressive

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Use the iPad as a touchscreen Mac

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