Luna Display

turn your iPad into a wireless second display

Supports PC to iPad, Mac to iPad, Mac to Mac, and Headless mode


Luna Display’s Many Modes

Make the most of your devices with Luna Modes — whether you’re in the office, at home, or on the go.

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Computer to iPad

Turn your iPad into a second display – works with Macs and PCs. Luna harnesses the power of your desktop and extends your workspace onto a touchable device.

Mac to Mac

Use any Mac as a second display — perfect for anyone with multiple computers. It also works on older Mac models.

Headless Mode

Looking for a powerful travel-friendly setup with your Mac mini? Headless Mode lets you use your Mac or iPad as the main display for Mac mini and Mac Pro.

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sets up in seconds

Simply plug in Luna, launch the apps, and your devices will automatically connect! Luna is available for USB-C or Mini DisplayPort.

connects over wifi or USB

Luna’s connectivity reaches as far as your WiFi network. And if WiFi isn’t available, Luna connects over USB too.

full touch support for iPad

Luna turns your iPad into a complete extension to your Mac — with full support for external keyboards, Apple Pencil, and touch interactions.

What Astro has pulled off is remarkable

Luna will change your travel workflow

For the first time a wireless solution has impressed us

Luna’s visual fidelity is frankly stunning

Luna is incredibly impressive

Use the iPad as a touchscreen Mac


Buy Luna Display Today

Available today for Mac and pre-order for Windows. Free shipping worldwide.

Luna Display
x Astropad

Luna fully integrates with Astropad — our award-winning drawing software that turns the iPad into a professional graphics tablet for Mac.

Astropad offers absolute workflow customization, featuring a packed suite full of creatives tools like unlimited workflow shortcuts, Magic Gestures, and custom pressure curves.

Pairing Luna with Astropad gives professional creatives the freedom and flexibility that their workflow deserves.


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