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Six unique brushes for organic, retro illustrations

Looking to give your illustrations a retro feel?

This free iPad brush set is designed by Kayla Ann, a Minnesota-based artist known for her bold and playful patterns. She blends elements from the natural world and vintage-inspired motifs to create surface pattern designs, illustrations, and murals.

Kayla Ann’s brushes have tons of texture and are perfect for adding a vintage vibe to your next lettering or illustration piece.

Here’s a preview of the six free Procreate brushes:

See the brush pack in action:


Looking to give your illustrations a retro/vintage feel? Download our free brush pack for procreate and photoshop at

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How to import the brush pack to Procreate

  1. Enter your email address to download the free brush pack
  2. Save the brush pack to your Files, Dropbox, or iCloud.
  3. Head back to your Procreate canvas and click the “Brushes” icon located in the top right toolbar.
  4. Under the brushes icon, click the “+” symbol and then in the top right corner, click “Import”
  5. Simply click on the brush pack you just downloaded and it will import to your Procreate!