What is Luna Display?

Luna Display is productivity hardware that turns your iPad or Mac into a wireless second display. With Luna, you can extend your screen space and streamline your workflows at home or on the go.

Mix and match devices with a variety of workspace setups:

✓ Computer-to-iPad Mode
✓ Computer-to-Mac Mode
✓ Headless Mode

Getting started is easy: Simply plug in your Luna, launch the apps, and your devices will automatically connect!

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Why Join Our Affiliate Program?

Luna Display is the perfect workspace accessory for those looking to maximize their productivity with the screens they already have. Our community is full of digital nomads, remote workers, and creatives

If you have an audience that you think would benefit from using Luna Display, you can share the product with them and earn an 8% commission from every referral. 

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How It Works

1. Apply to be an affiliate


To get started, you’ll need a PayPal account to receive payments, and an audience that aligns with Luna Display’s target market.

2. Get your unique link


Our team will review your application. Once you’ve been approved, we’ll send you login information so you can access your unique affiliate link and code.

3. Refer and earn!


You’ll receive an 8% commission on every Luna sold through your affiliate link or code. Track your earnings through your affiliate dashboard.