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Turn your iPad into a professional drawing tablet for Mac or PC

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customize your digital art studio

Build your own shortcuts, gestures, and Apple Pencil settings

Magic Gestures

Instantly change tools with fully customizable finger tap and Apple Pencil gestures.

Shortcut Sidebar

Customizable sidebar shortcuts automatically match whatever desktop application you’re using.

Quick Keys

Quickly access a few of your favorite shortcuts with custom quick keys.

Pressure Curves

Choose between hard and soft pressure curves or create your own to match your workflows.

Pressure Smoothing

Adjust your level of pressure smoothing to accommodate your unique drawing style.

Hover Support

Elevate your drawing experience with Apple Pencil hover interactions. (for 2022 iPad Pros)

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You’ve just raised the bar to the next level…

When I tell some of my colleagues about this they are going to freak, seriously.

Brian Rood

I have to say, Astropad is such a gem.

I had invested in an iPad and didn’t have the funds to also have a huge Wacom tablet. I love the way Astropad works for me.

Carra Skyes

No lag, smooth, and every artist’s dream come true!

I've tried everything out there, from Wacom Cintiq to Mac OS Sidecar. Nothing came close to what you have achieved!

Milton Trajano

how astropad studio works

Start mirroring your favorite desktop apps in 3 easy steps


Launch the apps

Open the Astropad Studio iPad and desktop companion apps


Connect wirelessly or over USB

Connect your iPad and computer over USB cable, your local WiFi, or Peer-to-Peer networking.


Mirror your desktop on your iPad

Draw directly into creative programs like Adobe, Affinity, Clip Studio, and Krita

low latency drawing, powered by LIQUID

Astropad runs on our proprietary video technology we call LIQUID. The result is stunning image quality and responsiveness, with color-corrected output and Retina resolution.

LIQUID guarantees low-latency performance however you connect — over WiFi, Peer-to-Peer, or USB.

the only solution designed for artists

Customization runs deep in Astropad Studio. See how it stacks up against popular alternatives

Wondering how iPad compares to Wacom and other drawing tablets? Learn more

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