Rock Paper Pencil

iPad Screen Protector + Precision Apple Pencil Tips

Forget the paper. Keep the feeling. Transform your iPad into the perfect digital sketchbook.

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the perfect pair

meet the dynamic duo that delivers the ultimate drawing experience

Rock Paper Pencil isn’t just one thing. It’s two meticulously engineered components working in perfect harmony:

Nano-Texture Screen Protector. Our screen protector is infused with a microscopic texture that mimics the “tooth” of fine-grain paper to provide the perfect amount of friction for precise control.

Precision-Engineered Ballpoint Tip. Our custom Apple Pencil tip works exclusively with our unique screen protector and delivers a subtle “bite” with every stroke to create a familiar and satisfying drawing experience.

Together, they create the most realistic pen-on-paper feeling for iPad.

the most advanced (and removable) paper-feel screen protector ever

We’ve taken a scientific approach to create a “just like paper” surface that elevates your entire drawing experience.

✔️ NanoCling Application: Securely bond your screen protector to your iPad using static electricity. It’s stronger than magnets, non-adhesive, and leaves no residue when removed.

✔️ Matte Finish: The nano-texture surface provides a subtle grip, giving you enhanced control and improved precision while you draw and write.

✔️ Removable & Reusable: Movie time? Peel it off. Sketch time? Snap it back on. Your screen protector can be removed and reused in seconds. Switch between paper-feel and crystal clear in seconds. 

a fine-point apple pencil tip that redefines digital drawing

Enjoy unparalleled precision and control that feels as natural as a pen on paper.

✔️ 0.7mm Ballpoint Tip: The optimal size for accuracy and control, mirroring the familiar feel of a ballpoint pen.

✔️ Premium Wear-Resistant Coating: Built from a copper-alloy core and palladium coating. Built to last, even with daily use.

✔️ Pinpoint Accuracy: Draw, sketch, and write with confidence. Unlock a new level of creative expression with a pencil tip that faithfully recreates every line and stroke.

the result: incredible pen-on-paper realism

Draw and write on iPad like ballpoint pen on paper.

Rock Paper Pencil


better art. better notes

an iPad with a drawing of a woman
Sketch, paint, draw
An iPad with handwritten notes
Write, annotate, create

Say goodbye to accidental slips and hello to smooth strokes. Rock Paper Pencil turns your iPad into a playground for your artistry and productivity.

Rock Paper Pencil adds just the right amount of friction, giving you the control and precision you need for smoother strokes and flawless lines.

a new standard in paper-feel screen protectors

See how Rock Paper Pencil stacks up against popular alternatives:

The result: An intuitive writing and drawing experience. 

Rock Paper Pencil transforms your iPad into a versatile canvas, perfect for both artistic expression and productive notetaking. Combine the natural feel of pen on paper with a clear and vibrant display optimized for drawing and writing.

Easy to install, remove, and reuse

1. Apply Nano-Texture iPad Screen Protector

Apply your screen protector in seconds with integrated NanoCling edges.

2. Swap Precision Ballpoint Tip

Unscrew your current Apple Pencil tip and replace with your new precision ballpoint tip.

3. Start Creating!

Enjoy the pen-on-paper feel — designed for drawing and notetaking on iPad.

digital art is in our dna

Our passion for art goes beyond pixels and screens

We’ve spent the last 10 years working closely with thousands of digital artists while creating Astropad Studio and Darkboard.

For 10 years, we’ve worked closely with hundreds of thousands of digital artists who use the iPad in their drawing workflows.

What we’ve learned? Precision is everything. We know that no two artists work alike, but the ability to precisely control every element of the creative experience is key.

That’s why we built Rock Paper Pencil. Make your digital art feel more natural and intuitive while using your Apple Pencil and iPad. Our unique, nano-texture screen protector and precision-engineered tip provide the perfect balance of friction and glide so that you have better control over lines and details.