How to Pair Apple Pencil with iPad 

Learn how to connect your Apple Pencil in a few easy steps 

Now that you have invested in an iPad, you need to figure out how to connect your Apple Pencil. In this guide, we’ll answer all the most common questions about how to connect your Apple Pencil to your iPad. We’ll cover:

  • How to connect Apple Pencil Gen 1 to iPad
  • How to connect Apple Pencil Gen 2 to iPad
  • Troubleshooting tips
  • How to disconnect your Apple Pencil
Apple Pencil hovering over iPad screen

How to Connect Apple Pencil Gen 1 to iPad 

So, how do you connect your Apple Pencil to your iPad? 

If you have the 1st generation Apple Pencil, the process has a few extra steps:

  1. Remove the cap on the end of your Apple Pencil to access the lightning connector. 
  2. Plug your Apple Pencil into your iPad’s lightning connector. If you have a 10th-generation iPad, you need to buy a USB-C to Apple Pencil adapter. 
  3. A message will pop up on your iPad that says “Bluetooth pairing request”. Simply tap “pair”, remove your Apple Pencil, and begin using it. 
Apple Pencil Generation 1 plugged into the iPad
Image from PC Mag

How to Connect Apple Pencil Gen 2 to iPad 

It is much easier to connect the 2nd generation Apple Pencil. 

  1. Go into Settings on your iPad and turn Bluetooth on. 
  2. Find the flat, magnetic edge of your Apple Pencil. 
  3. Attach the flat edge to the right side of your iPad. 
  4. A notification will pop up on your iPad. Simply press “connect”, and start using your Apple Pencil. 
Overhead shot of an iPad on a table with the Apple Pencil Generation 2 connected to the side of the iPad
Image from 9to5 Mac

Struggling to Connect? Try These Troubleshooting Tips

If you are struggling to pair your Apple Pencil with your iPad, we have a few simple tips and tricks that will solve your problem. 

Charge Your Apple Pencil 

This sounds simple enough, but you would be surprised by how many people forget to charge their Apple Pencils!

Before you even attempt to connect your Apple Pencil to your iPad, make sure your Apple Pencil has at least 50% charge. 

Turn Bluetooth On 

It’s possible that you’ve accidentally turned Bluetooth off. Simply go to Settings on your iPad and turn Bluetooth back on. 

Check Your Lightning Connectors 

The lightning connector in either your Apple Pencil or iPad could be damaged. There is no surefire way to check for damage because it could be internal. However, if you want to assess the situation, simply look for metal damage on your Apple Pencil’s lightning connector. You can also use a flashlight to check the lightning connector on your iPad. If you notice bits of debris, your lightning connector might need some maintenance.  

The important thing to remember is to never attempt to repair tech yourself. After all, you could make the problem worse. If you have tried all our other tips and tricks and still think that your lightning connector is the problem, take your tech to an Apple Repair Center. 

Still having trouble? Read our advice on How to Fix an Unresponsive Apple Pencil

How to Disconnect Your Apple Pencil 

We’ve covered how to connect an Apple Pencil to an iPad, so now go over how to disconnect an Apple Pencil.

The good news is that it is easy to disconnect (or unpair) an Apple Pencil. 

  1. Go to Settings on your iPad. 
  2. Go to Bluetooth. 
  3. Under “my devices”, you will see your Apple Pencil. Tap the blue “i” icon, then select “Forget this device”. 

It really is that easy. Of course, you can reconnect your Apple Pencil when you need it. 

How to Connect Apple Pencil to iPad Without Plugging in?

You can only connect your Apple Pencil to your iPad without plugging it in if you have a 2nd generation Pencil. This Pencil has a magnetic strip that allows you to wirelessly connect to your iPad’s Bluetooth. 

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