Thought Starters

Are the new 2024 iPads worth the upgrade?

Here at Astropad we’ve been testing the new 2024 iPads since they came out a few weeks ago.

In short: They are all really, really good. Apple’s taken an already excellent device and continued to refine it.

But is it worth it to upgrade to a new 2024 iPad? We give you our honest thoughts below!

First impressions from the new 2024 iPads

I’ve personally been using the iPad Pro 11-inch and here’s what I’ve noticed:

  • The OLED screen is stunning: Especially in outdoor lighting. This is a big upgrade over the previous generation. 
  • The M4 processor is insanely fast. My existing iPad Pro already felt really snappy, but M4 somehow takes it to another level. 
  • The Apple Pencil Pro is a solid upgrade. I like the squeeze gesture more than double tapping and the barrel rotation is just plain cool. More to come with these Apple Pencil improvements in Astropad Studio… stay tuned 🙂 

Is it worth it to upgrade to a 2024 iPad?

So should you take the leap and upgrade your iPad? It depends…

If you don’t currently have an iPad with the M1 series chip or later: I’d definitely recommend upgrading. The performance of the Apple M series chips is outstanding and upgrading all the way to the M4 will blow you away. 

If you already have an M1 or later series iPad: You can potentially hold off on an upgrade. While the new M4 iPad Pro are ridiculously fast, in average day to day use I don’t notice the difference that much over my M1 series iPad Pro.

Which iPad is right for you?

In general, I recommend you stick with the iPad Air lineup. While the iPad Pro is amazing, it’s more iPad than the vast majority of people need.

If you’re an iPad power user with the budget, the iPad Pro 13-inch is an absolute dream — but for everyone else the Pro series is probably not worth the extra money.

It also really depends on what you’re primarily looking to use your iPad for. If it’s illustration and art, then I’d definitely recommend the larger size screen. For those doing mostly notetaking and web browsing, the 11-inch is a more manageable size.

  • Best iPad for power users: iPad Pro 13-inch M4
  • Best iPad for notetaking: iPad Air 11-inch M2
  • Best iPad for artists: iPad Air 13-inch M2

Get a fresh screen protector for your 2024 iPad

Don’t forget to get a screen protector for your new iPad! Rock Paper Pencil is the most realistic pen-on-paper feel for iPad:  

  • Reusable, paper-feel screen protector: Matte nano-texture mimics the feel of paper and minimizes glare. The NanoCling edge is non-adhesive, bubble-free, and leaves no residue.
  • Ballpoint Apple Pencil tips: Comes with two specialty Apple Pencil tips. The 0.7mm tip is the same size as a standard ballpoint pen, designed for controlled and precise lines while drawing and writing.