Whether you’re e-learning, whiteboarding during a video conference call, or retouching photos, Astropad Standard enables fluid collaboration across devices. Simply combine Standard with any Mac app that has native annotation functions — then draw directly on your iPad for a flexible mirroring experience.


Draw directly into any Mac creative software right on your iPad. With full pressure input, this solution turns your iPad into a flexible graphics tablet for hobbyist artists and creatives.

• Digital painting & illustration
• Animation
• Photo retouching


Conveniently annotate documents on your Mac using your iPad, Apple Pencil, and any app with native annotation functions. Share feedback on design assets and capture notes on-the-go.

• PDF mark-ups
• Design file review
• Business presentations


Take online learning to the next level with virtual whiteboarding! Pair Astropad Standard with video conferencing software for real-time handwritten instruction and collaboration.

• Online teaching
• Brainstorming sessions
• Video call collaboration

Use any Mac app

Mirror any Mac app on your iPad with full touch support and gestures

Pressure support

Apple Pencil input for all Mac apps with native annotation function

Works over WiFi or USB

Connect devices wirelessly over local WiFi or plugged in via USB

Video Conferencing

Using Astropad Standard with Zoom

Annotate and brainstorm on-the-spot during presentations. Simply pair Astropad Standard with any Mac app that has native annotation functions.

In this quick, step-by-step guide, we’ll help you organize an efficient workspace for pairing Zoom with Astropad Standard.

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