We’ve been sherlocked by Apple, now what? | Ep. 1

Building Astropad Podcast Episode 1:

It’s been a year since Astropad got “sherlocked” by Apple. Matt and Savannah sit down to reflect on the previous year and what happened behind the scenes. They talk about their immediate reactions during WWDC, how the team grilled Matt, what happened to our sales immediately after, and why they think this will end up being a good thing for the company.

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They also share:

  • How launching a new feature called Mac to Mac was pivotal.
  • Why we waited so long to go to Windows.
  • Why the company is transitioning to the Rust programming language.
  • And finally a preview of what’s coming next.

Episode Timestamps

  • [1:40] What does getting sherlocked mean?
  • [3:40] Did we see it coming? Why not?
  • [8:25] What did it feel like? How did we react?
  • [15:37] What the founders talked about behind the scenes.
  • [18:59] Why did we wait so long to go to Windows.
  • [21:50] A blessing in disguise.
  • [22:50] Why Rust?
  • [25:00] What happened to our sales.
  • [29:30] How we stayed afloat.
  • [30:50] Major branding issues.
  • [33:26] A pivotal moment for the team.
  • [37:45] COVID Hits.
  • [39:30] What’s next.
  • [41:33] Advice to other companies that get sherlocked.

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