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How to Whiteboard in Zoom on your iPad

The whiteboard function in Zoom is a useful feature to facilitate meeting engagement. What’s engaging about whiteboarding in Zoom is the ability for every participant to share and add to the whiteboard. Whiteboards in Zoom are available to users with either a paid or free Zoom account.

Pair the whiteboard function with Astropad Studio on your iPad to harness added control of Zoom’s markup tools during your remote meetings. You can use various tools with Zoom’s whiteboard, including drawing tools, stamp tools, a spotlight tool, and more. 

Zoom’s whiteboard can be found in Zoom’s screen-sharing menu. To make sure the whiteboard function in Zoom is enabled, in your Zoom account go to Settings and In Meeting (Basic) and check the options under Annotation and Whiteboard.

Open the whiteboard feature in Zoom

To open the whiteboard function in Zoom, either select the green Share Screen button in the Meeting Controls menu, or use the shortcut Command() + Shift + S to open Zoom’s Share Screen menu. Open the whiteboard in Zoom even more quickly by adding the shortcut to your Astropad shortcuts sidebar.

Zoom’s Share Screen menu allows you to screen share specific programs or desktops

In Zoom’s Share Screen menu select Whiteboard and Share to get started. You can use your finger, Apple Pencil, or even a regular non-Bluetooth stylus to easily select menu items on your iPad screen.

Select Whiteboard in Zoom’s Share Screen menu

Draw and annotate on your iPad using the whiteboard in Zoom

Whiteboard in Zoom has a variety of tools to type, annotate, and highlight notes for your meeting attendees. You can share a whiteboard in Zoom, and if permission is allowed, even let other participants add their annotations on it as well.

Together with Astropad, draw and annotate in your Zoom calls while mirroring to your iPad screen. For this combination, it’s helpful to use Apple Pencil or a regular stylus, to add more precision when using any pen or drawing tools in the whiteboard function in Zoom.

Easily write notes in Zoom’s Whiteboard function using Astropad

Highlighting information with a whiteboard in Zoom is easy

Whiteboard in Zoom is the perfect way to highlight information or show off your latest design in a team meeting. Text, lines, highlights, and more can all be used in the whiteboard.

If there is information you want to highlight, you can easily use arrows and spotlights in the whiteboard in Zoom. You can even change the size and color of the text.   

Make your meetings more engaging and highlight information easily by using the whiteboard in Zoom with Astropad.

Access meeting controls

While using the whiteboard in Zoom, you can still have convenient access to your Meeting Control menu. Use the shortcut command Control + \ to toggle between showing or hiding the menu options.

This is another helpful shortcut to consider for your Astropad shortcuts sidebar. Or, when you want to access the whiteboard in Zoom, you can go to the top bar menu, select window, and enable the Always Show meeting controls option.

At any time if you want a saved copy of your whiteboard in Zoom, click Save in the Zoom’s menu bar to save a local PNG file or a cloud save. When you’re ready to end a session, select the red Stop Share button to quit out of the whiteboard in Zoom function.

Zoom’s Meeting Control menu unhidden

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Once you master how to use the whiteboard in Zoom with Astropad, you’ll be able to run engaging meetings with your teams.

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