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Let’s Focus on Creating More and Consuming Less in 2019

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New Year? No problem. We’ve got 10 ideas to make 2019 your most productive year yet.

Our company philosophy is centered around creation over consumption. We build tools to unlock creativity and boost productivity. Looking into the future, we have lots in store for Luna Display and Astropad so we are always striving to make the most out of our days. When it came to sharing helpful tips, we turned to our team for inspiration. Here’s what they had to say.

1. Start with clearing your mind

Everyone touts the benefits of meditation and there’s plenty of evidence to support getting into this practice. Harvard Neuroscientist Sarah Lazar details how mindfulness meditation can slow brain aging and keep your mind sharper in this Inc. article. Looking for an app to help ease you into this new positive habit? Our Co-founder and Head of Product, Giovanni, got into his meditation routine by using an app called 10% Happier. It can be difficult to start a new mindfulness ritual but with the assistance of an app to guide you, you’ll be able to find the right balance for what works for you.

2. Switch things up in the morning

Does your morning routine need revamping? Get some inspiration from this New York Times article that details the morning routines of high achievers. Rachal, who manages our Social Media, makes a point to take a brisk walk every morning before lunch. “It’s so important to get outdoors all year – even when it is freezing out. Taking a walk is an easy and free way to reset and it gives your eyes a much-needed break from screen time.” We also asked a Psychiatrist to help us understand why taking time to unplug from technology is easier said than done.

3. Keep a notebook close by

Whether it’s on your iPhone Notes app or in a handy journal, write down ideas as they come to you. There’s nothing worse than sitting down to brainstorm when you have nothing to go off of. Our Engineering Manager, Adam, highly recommends using a SELF Journal. “The big thing that it helps me with is defining three things per day that would make my day a success. It also gives me goals to go after and lets me feel some accomplishment.”

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4. Try new tools to stay organized

These days there are countless apps to help you get organized. Hoang, who works in Technical Support, loves using CamScanner when he needs to make documents digital without having a physical scanner. Matt, our Co-founder and CEO, relies on Agenda to capture notes and thoughts for upcoming meetings. Jake and Jeremy, both Engineers, recommend Magnet for organizing your digital workspace and Alfred which saves you time by making your workflow more efficient with shortcuts and keywords that you customize.

5. Set up your physical workspace

Creating an effective space to work in is crucial to productivity. We even wrote an entire post about it. There are some great suggestions in it that remind you to put together a space that is energizing and sparks creativity. For workspace accessories, we love Twelve South because they specialize in accessories for Apple products. The Compass Pro for iPad is a versatile all-metal folding stand perfect for changing up your space or working remote.

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6. Get that creative project off the ground

So you’ve been meaning to work on your art. Or your animation. Maybe put some time into editing photos. Move your projects front and center with Astropad. Our app turns your iPad into a powerful graphics tablet that you can draw away from the constraints of a desk. Sketch, doodle, animate, design, and create. Make use of that new iPad you got for the holidays. ?

7. Listen to the experts

Got the winter blues? Creative ideas zapped? Listen in on our favorite podcast, Creative Pep Talk. Andy J. Miller (otherwise known as @andyjpizza) is all about crafting the perfect balance between art and business. His insightful and inspirational podcast is just what you need to reboot. Another Podcast to check out is Canvas. It’s centered around mobile productivity, workflows, and exploring the best apps for the iPad and iPhone. MyDomaine’s Second Life is all about entrepreneurial women and their personal experiences with shifting careers. Incorporate motivational podcasts into your routine to take your hustle to the next level in 2019.

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8. Be more mobile while you work

Luna Display turns your iPad into a second display for your work setup. Try using it as a prompt to get up and move more during your workday. Don’t be tied to your desk. Research shows that getting up and moving throughout your workday has numerous health benefits. Luna allows you to work from anywhere and on the go – so why not switch things up? Our Marketing Director, Savannah, brings Luna to her co-working space so she can switch up where she works throughout the day.

9. Join our community forums

Did you know we have community forums for both Astropad and Luna Display? Users share tips, provide feedback, and showcase projects they are working on. See what other makers are up to and get advice on things you’re working on. Have features you want us to look into? Great, we are all ears!

10. Keep things upbeat with our productivity playlist

Check out our 2019 mix full of upbeat jams hand-selected from our Astro HQ team!