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9 Best iPad Drawing Accessories for Creatives

Simplify your life with Apple iPad drawing accessories

If you’re a creative, you will know that Apple offers some of the best tech for budding digital artists. No piece of tech has had a bigger impact on the digital art landscape than the iPad. iPads come complete with a liquid retina display, a tilt and pressure-sensitive stylus, and a number of innovative art apps. 

Given the popularity of iPads, it is no surprise that there is a massive market for iPad drawing accessories. Accessories can set you apart from the rest and place you one step closer to your artistic ambitions.

Let’s dive into our top 9 iPad drawing accessories.

2nd Gen Apple Pencil 

When you think about Apple iPad drawing accessories, you probably think about screen protectors and eye-catching cases. But what about the original iPad accessory, the stylus? 

The Apple Pencil has been making waves since the 1st gen version was released in 2015. When the 2nd gen version was released almost exactly three years later, it continued to catch the eye of creatives all over the globe. 

Both versions offer exceptional pressure and tilt sensitivity as well as palm rejection and a whole heap of customization settings. Now, the Apple Pencil is recognized as an essential accessory for creatives who want to make a seamless transition from real life to digital art. 

2nd gen Apple Pencil laying on table next to iPad
Image from Cotytech

Rock Paper Pencil

Transitioning from traditional art to digital art can be hard. Rock Paper Pencil is the best iPad drawing accessory for artists who are looking to ditch their slippery glass screen and get a realistic pen-on-paper feel for their iPad. 

This product includes a reusable, paper-feel iPad screen protector and two ballpoint Apple Pencil tips. Built with nano-texture technology, Rock Paper Pencil adds subtle friction between your screen and Pencil, giving you more control while drawing or writing.

  • NanoCling Screen Protector: Securely bond your screen protector to your iPad using static cling. Easy application, non-adhesive, removable and reusable.
  • Matte Texture: Subtle friction mimics the feel of paper (no more slippery glass!)
  • Precision Apple Pencil Tips: Smoother, more controlled strokes
Rock Paper Pencil ($41.99) →


Darkboard is an alternative to the many slim, sleek iPad cases that are on the market. It is unique because it has a thick padded exterior that allows artists to rest their wrists while they illustrate, create graphics, and brainstorm ideas. 

Creatives can easily switch between the three setup options to find their perfect match. The easel setup positions your iPad at a 30-degree angle, the vertical setup transforms your iPad into a desktop, and the lap setup allows you to get comfortable on your couch.

Darkboard is truly ergonomic, which makes it the go-to choice for creatives who are serious about their craft.

A person drawing on an iPad with the Darkboard iPad stand
Darkboard iPad Stand ($119.99) →

Magic Keyboard

We know that this is a list of the best iPad drawing accessories, but even creatives have to type out the occasional email. Hear us out, ok? 

The Magic Keyboard is Apple’s own creation. This accessory starts at $249, making it one of the most expensive options on our list. There are many other iPad-compatible keyboards out there, but none is as sleek and well-designed as the Magic Keyboard. 

It features a floating cantilever design, meaning you can attach your iPad to the magnetic board and adjust it to whichever angle feels comfortable. On top of that, the modern backlit keys operate on a scissor-switch mechanism, meaning you get a quiet, satisfying typing experience. 

iPad with Magic Keyboard
Image from CNET

Shortcut Keyboard

When you think about iPad drawing accessories, you probably don’t think about a shortcut keyboard. This is one of the lesser-known iPad accessories, but it can massively streamline your workflow.  

Essentially, shortcut keyboards are fitted with around 20 keys that feature symbols. Once you have wirelessly connected the keyboard to your iPad, you can attribute different shortcuts to the symbols. You can draw, illustrate, and design without ever breaking your workflow to find tools. 

person using shortcut keyboard while drawing in procreate on ipad

iPad Arm Mount 

Continuing our trend of mentioning the lesser-known Apple iPad drawing accessories, we knew we would have to include an iPad arm mount. As the name suggests, an arm mount has a single flexible arm that can hold your iPad at any height and angle. 

Artists can purchase an arm mount with a stand or clamp feature. If your arm mount has a clamp, you can attach it to your desk, sideboard, or even your bed. Lots of creatives use this accessory for art, but it is also great for people who want to watch their favorite shows, reply to emails, and play games. 

iPad arm mount holding up iPad
Image from Cotytech

Apple Pencil Grips

Sometimes the best iPad drawing accessories are also the simplest. Lots of people struggle with the smooth, slippery texture of Apple Pencils, which is where stylus grips come in. 

Apple Pencil grips come in all shapes and sizes, so there really is something for everyone. Simply slip a grip onto your Apple Pencil, and use your newfound grip to draw precise illustrations, miniature details, and eye-catching patterns. 

Most grips are made from silicone. On top of guaranteeing a comfortable grip, silicone also protects against dust, dirt, and grime. Overall, stylus grips are an excellent stocking stuffer for the creative in your life. 

an Apple Pencil with a black Apple Pencil grip laying across an iPad
Image from Creative Bloq

Compact Easel

Artists all over the world are accustomed to little aches and pains. Luckily, there are lots of accessories that are designed for comfort. Our Compact Easel is a lightweight, ergonomic stand that allows users to adjust the angle of their iPad or laptop.

The Compact Easel weighs just 270 grams (0.6 lbs) and is surprisingly sturdy. The aluminum alloy structure supports up to 10 kg, while the silicone padding stops your iPad from sliding while drawing. There are seven angle options so that users can choose whichever drawing height is most comfortable for them. 

the compact easel with an ipad on it, showing colorful artwork on the screen
Compact Easel ($29.99) →

Drawing Glove

To round off our list of the best iPad drawing accessories, we have to mention drawing gloves. A drawing glove will only cover your pinky finger and your ring finger. It allows you to lean against your iPad without a care in the world. Most gloves are made from soft lycra and nylon, which enhances breathability and reduces friction.

There are lots of drawing gloves out there, so there is no need to invest in an expensive branded version. This relatively inexpensive gift can make a world of difference to the creative in your life. 

A person drawing on an iPad with a drawing glove

Found Your Favorite iPad Drawing Accessories? 

There you have it, our top nine iPad drawing accessories. Whether you are adding another accessory to your creative toolbox or sending a present to a creative friend, this list has all the information you need. 

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