11 Best Digital Planners for iPads [2024]

Digital planners are a new way to organize your life. It has never been easier to remember important dates, group key information, and stay on top of your daily schedule. 

Digital planners for iPads can streamline your daily or weekly planning sessions. Fonts, color coding, and customization options can add a personalized touch. On top of that, some digital planners are specifically designed for college classes, productivity, and mental health. 

In the world of digital planners, there is something for everyone. In this article, we recommend PDF documents that you can upload to note-taking apps like Goodnotes, Notability, and more. 

Let’s look at the best digital planners for iPads. 

PlanRightCo’s Undated Digital Planner for 2024/2025

Overview of PlanRightCo’s Undated Digital Planner for 2024/2025 showing 3 iPads with the planner on the screen
Image from Notion

Price: $3.96 on Etsy

PlanRightCo has created a planner that appeals to results-oriented individuals. The design is easily digestible, which is great for people who get overwhelmed by lots of writing and graphics. 

The weekly planner is simple but effective. There is ample room to write daily notes and even a section for top priorities and personal tasks. 

The daily planner includes a 6am-11pm schedule where you can timeblock your tasks along with sections for goals, top 3 priorities, and to-do lists. For people interested in mindfulness tracking, there are also areas where you can also record a morning review, an evening review, and your overall mood. 

Here are a few of the customization options. 

  • 1000+ planner variations 
  • Tab color 
  • Interactive planner builder feature
  • 9 types of note-taking paper 
  • 10 customizable hyperlinked sections
  • 30+ Classic style planner covers & 25+ Modern style covers 

This digital planner is incredibly detailed and thorough. Beyond the yearly, weekly, and daily planners, there are 65+ wellness, finance, and productivity templates. It is the ultimate option for people who want to take full control of their lives. 

Here are some of the topics and templates that you can explore. 

  • Finance: annual finance overview, savings tracker, debt tracker, income & expense log, bill tracker, debt tracker, tax deductions
  • Fitness: weekly meal planner, macro tracker, intermittent fasting, grocery list, vitamin & supplements, nutritional information, workout log, sleep tracker, running log, running tracker, step tracker, weekly fitness plan 
  • Productivity: work log, time tracker, annual goals, quarterly goals, priority matrix, to-do list, 100 days of productivity
Screenshots of the different templates for wellness, finance, and productivity from PlanRightCo’s Undated Digital Planner for 2024/2025


  • Lots of customization options. Users can easily customize this planner to suit their preferences. There are dozens of traditional planner covers to choose from. 
  • Thousands of hyperlinks. This planner has thousands of hyperlinks. Users can navigate through the days, weeks, and months with ease. 
  • Affordable. The price point is very affordable, especially considering how many trackers are included. 


  • Minimal space for to-do lists. The weekly planner has a to-do list section, but there is only enough space for six tasks. 

Manifestable’s 2024 ADHD Planner

Overview of Manifestable’s 2024 ADHD Planner with 2 iPads showing the planner cover and the daily planner

Price: $16.64 on Etsy

The unique design of this planner is geared towards people with ADHD by reducing distractions and helping the user stay organized. That being said, anyone can benefit from the super-organized index, navigational hyperlinks, and detailed daily, monthly, and yearly planner pages. The minimalist yet clear style is a great option for people who struggle with concentration. 

The index is one of the most notable features. Each month and year are hyperlinked, making it easy to navigate through the planner. You are never more than a click or two away from your end goal. 

Our favorite thing about this ADHD Planner is that the day-to-day pages are incredibly organized. The built-in tracking sections are a game changer. If you want to take a mindful approach to your day-to-day tasks, this is the planner for you. 

Here are a few of the things that you can track throughout the day.

  • Energy levels at the start/end of the day 
  • Anxiety levels at the start/end of the day 
  • Level of sensory hangover from the day before 

Once you have completed your morning check-in, you can list your non-negotiable tasks for today, as well as any tasks you hope to complete. Unlike most digital planners for iPads, this planner separates each day into blocks of time. You can pre-plan breaks to avoid overwhelm and burnout. 

Other sections include:

  • Daily movement
  • Self-care for the day
  • Brain dump
  • Morning anxiety journal

There is even a section for planning meals and tracking hydration levels!

an iPad showing a detailed view of Manifestable’s 2024 ADHD Planner daily view

Overall, this is one of the best digital planners for iPads we’ve seen. It is incredibly realistic. There is no pressure to fill your entire day with productivity, and it encourages the user to stay mindful throughout. 


  • Reasonably priced. For just over $15, you can access a treasure trove of daily, weekly, and monthly planner templates. 
  • Designed for neurodivergent people. Very few organization tools cater to neurodivergent people, but this one fills the gap. 
  • Mindfulness reminders. The ability to track your anxiety levels at the start and end of the day is a game-changer. 


  • Detailed pages can be overwhelming. The pages are extremely detailed and full which means you’ll need to zoom in to be able to write.  

CreativeJamCo’s Goal Planner Bundle 

Price: $2.55

Labeled the “ultimate” goal planner bundle, this product claims to have everything you need to meet your goals. But does it live up to the hype? 

It comes with 20 templates which include everything from a monthly planner, a quarterly goal-setting sheet, space for monthly reflections, and even a bucket list section. 

This planner invites you to create SMART goals, a.k.a goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. SMART is just one of the techniques you can use to propel yourself toward your goals, and there is an entire page dedicated to planning your SMART targets. Of course, you can print out the page (or import it to your chosen note-taking app) multiple times to create as many SMART goals as you please.  

Each page is undated, so you can use all the individual templates again and again. When you invest in this planner, there is no end to the number and types of goals you can pursue. 

The style is simple, so people who prefer aesthetic planners should avoid it. Despite this, there is no denying that it is affordable and comprehensive. And, to make the deal even sweeter, it is available for a reduced price of just $2.55, making it one of the cheapest digital planners for iPads on our list. 


  • Undated pages. Undated templates offer you the ultimate flexibility. 
  • SMART goals. Built-in SMART goal planner and tracker allows you to take a proactive approach to your goals. 
  • Vision board. Vision boards are ideal for people who prefer visual goal tracking. 


  • Lacks color. For some, this colorless planner might seem boring and bland. 

ThrivingPlanners’ Digital Student Planner

An iPad showing the semester timetable feature from ThrivingPlanners’ Digital Student Planner
Image from Asana

Price: $13.32 on Etsy 

We can’t talk about the best digital planners for iPads without mentioning a student-centric planner. Millions of students are ditching heavy notebooks and opting for streamlined, efficient digital planners. 

ThrivingPlanner has created a digital planner that ticks every box. It contains 16 class overviews for two semesters, goal planner pages, and even space to input your exam timetable. Everything you could possibly need to track your progress is in this handy PDF file. 

The class overview pages include sections covering: 

  • Course materials
  • Assigned reading
  • Homework planner
  • Reading summary/notes
  • Meeting notes
  • Group project planner
  • Essay planner
  • Essay source trackers
  • Reference tracker 
  • Grade tracker
an ipad showing the class overview page from ThrivingPlanners’ Digital Student Planner

ThrivingPlanner has clearly prioritized organization over aesthetics. For some, this will make the planner seem boring and dull. For others, it is the perfect place to organize their thoughts and stay focused. 

There is a lot of information to sift through. The good news is you can delete any irrelevant pages, creating a truly personalized planner.

With this planner by your side, you can’t go wrong. This is a great option for students determined to succeed. 


  • Dated. Each page is dated, so you can get started straight away.
  • Specifically designed for students. Many digital planners are rather generic, this one does a great job of catering to the unique needs of students. 
  • Different layouts. You can choose between four different weekly layouts to find your perfect match. 


  • Simple aesthetic. If you prefer bold colors and graphics, you might be disappointed. 

SimplyOrganizedPro’s Weekly Meal Planner 

Price: $1.25

Rather than just being a printable, this planner also comes as a spreadsheet. You can import the screenshots to a note-taking app or access the planner via Google Sheets on your iPad.

This product includes a setup, a weekly meal planner, and an automated shopping list page. In short, it contains everything you need to plan your food for the week and meet financial and health-related goals. 

In addition to various templates, this digital planner includes: 

  • Personalized units and food categories 
  • A recipe book 
  • Recipe cards with ingredients and instructions 

The best thing about this digital planner is its brilliant functionality. It has built-in tabs that improve user navigation across the board. In just a few clicks, you can move from your grocery shopping list to your weekly meal planner. 

Best of all, a grocery list will automatically generate based on your menu plan. Gone are the days of forgetting half your ingredients! 

Discounted to $1.25, and with an original price of just $3.13, this planner pays for itself. It’s no secret that meal planning can slash your expenses, making this one of the best digital planners for iPad owners who are on a budget. 

However, this planner is missing one key feature. It doesn’t have goal-setting or tracking templates, which is unfortunate. It would be nice to have a section for recipe ideas, recipe tweaks, and reflections on the previous week. 


  • Saves time. The automatic grocery list streamlines your meal prep time as much as possible. 
  • Tabs. Preset tabs ensure that navigation is simple and quick. 


  • Limited templates. There are only three templates, none of which have any goal-setting tools. 

HerStoryDigital’s Simple Undated Digital Planner

Overview of HerStoryDigital’s Simple Undated Digital Planner with 2 iPads showing the planner cover and daily planner

Price: $3.25 on Etsy 

This might not be the most eye-catching planner on the market, but it hits the mark for people who want an ultra-streamlined aesthetic. The mellow, soothing green cover sets the tone for a planner that encourages calm and collected thoughts. 

We love the fact that the daily planner pages are segmented into half-hour slots. Each day has four subheadings, including a daily section that spans from 5 am to 10:30 pm as well as a section for goals, a to-do list, and notes. 

This is one of the few digital planners for iPads that does not overwhelm the daily planner pages. There is plenty of room for brainstorming, and you can plan your day down to the minute. You can even use pre-cropped PNGs and GoodNotes stickers to bring your planner to life. 

Another feature is the tab menu that runs vertically on the right side of the planner. The tabs link to the start of each month. On top of that, there are hyperlinks at the top of the page that allow you to easily navigate to each day of the month. 

Minimalists will love this simple yet focused digital planner. 

an iPad showing a detailed view of HerStoryDigital’s Simple Undated Digital Planner


  • Matching stickers are included. The built-in stickers add a new dimension to your planning. 
  • Thoroughly hyperlinked. You can navigate to almost any page in your digital planner from any daily planner page. 


  • Limited layouts. Only six note-taking layouts, which is far less than the other digital planners on this list. 
  • Stickers are limited. Matching stickers are only compatible with GoodNotes.  

Unsure which note-taking app to choose for your digital planner? Goodnotes vs. Notability is a good place to start.

PlannersByBee’s Self-Improvement Planner

Price: $9.81

When you think about digital planners for iPads, do you think about self-improvement? Digital planners cover everything from cleaning schedules to college classes, so why not mental health and wellness too? 

This digital bundle does just that. There are 40 unique templates that help you create positive daily habits, including knowing yourself, assessing your fears, developing goals, expressing gratitude, and more. 

Along with the goal-tracking templates, you also get access to self-care exercises that invite you to explore pathways to self-love. It is packed full of “simple cognitive behavioral therapy techniques designed to boost self-confidence.” Rather than just focusing on tasks, this planner invites you to record thoughts and feelings. 

If negative thoughts threaten to ruin your productivity, this digital planner could change your life. By identifying and eliminating negative habits, actions, and thoughts, you can clear the pathway to a more productive and positive future. 


  • Self-care focus. This planner promotes a positive mindset, which is the first building block to a productive week. 
  • Unique templates. None of the templates in this bundle are replicas, so you get almost endless planner pages, exercises, and self-love support. 


  • Time-consuming. Only suitable for people who have the headspace and time to commit to self-improvement.  

CreativeJamCo’s Cleaning Schedule Planner 

Price: $5.79

Whether you struggle to manage your own cleaning tasks or want to create a schedule for roommates or family members, this is the digital planner for you. Once you have purchased it, you can use it on Microsoft Word or Google Docs, or even as a fillable PDF on your favorite note-taking app. 

This bundle allows you to plan your cleaning schedule each day, week, month, quarter, and year. You can create a rolling checklist for weekly necessities such as sweeping and mopping and schedule deep cleans once a month.

Not only does this bundle allow you to keep your physical and mental space neat and tidy, but it’s also customizable. If you use the Google Doc version, you can edit the text size and font, as well as the rows, columns, colors, and more. Then you can choose between continuing to use the planner on Google Docs or creating a PDF for your chosen note-taking app. 

This bundle is marketed as a simple but effective way to manage your cleaning, and I have to agree. It has even won the label of Etsy’s Pick, which is another tick in the right box. 


  • Customizable. Change the colors, fonts, and text size to suit your preferences. 
  • Future-proof. Allows you to create daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and more cleaning schedules.  


  • No extra space. This planner is tightly packed, so there’s not much room for notes, reminders, or reflections.  

Manifestable’s 2024 Digital Spiritual Planner 

Overview of Manifestable’s 2024 Digital Spiritual Planner with 2 iPads showing the planner cover and daily planner

Price: $13.30 on Etsy 

Manifestable has made it onto our list again! This time, Manifestable has added a spiritual slant to its fully hyperlinked digital planners for iPads. 

Spiritualism doesn’t have to be daunting. Whether you want to manifest your dream life or simply plan your day with spiritual principles in mind, you can stay organized with this digital planner.

Weekly, monthly, and yearly planner pages allow you to plan every step of your journey, jot notes, and check in with yourself. In total, there are 587 fully hyperlinked pages, so navigation is intuitive and easy. 

This planner encourages you to:

  • Set daily intentions 
  • Manifest daily 
  • Practice daily affirmations 
  • Create a to-do list with priorities 
  • Cultivate gratitude 
an iPad showing a detailed view of Manifestable’s 2024 Digital Spiritual Planner

Here are a few additional features. 

  • Step-by-step 17-page manifesting guide 
  • Productivity, finance, and wellness planner templates
  • Vision boards 
  • New and full moon rituals 

Stylistically, this planner is at the top of its game. Watercolors run throughout the pages, and eye-catching gold accents make each page feel sophisticated and important. 


  • Encourages mindfulness. Many people find that mindfulness practices alleviate stress in daily modern life. 
  • Range of templates. Spirituality is not the only focus; this planner allows you to manifest your financial, fitness, and wellness dreams too. 


  • Little space for to-do lists. The to-do list space is a bit limiting, but you can always write your tasks in the notes section.

PlannersByBee’s Work & Office Essentials Planner

Price: $4.03

This is the second time PlannersByBee has made it onto our list, and it’s clear to see why. This digital planner bundle claims to “cover all essentials you possibly need to function smoothly in your office”, including daily, weekly, and yearly planning pages that revolve around your career. 

The great thing about this planner is that it allows you to follow an idea from conception to execution. The planning feature enables you to track everything from Idea > Planning > Strategizing > Building > Management > Success. 

There is a total of 25 template pages, including: 

  • Project plans
  • To-do lists
  • Meeting schedules
  • Call lists
  • Appointment schedules
  • Deadline checkers 

There is even a template for storing important contacts, passwords, and meeting minutes. Unlike other digital planners, there are no filler pages or obvious copied and pasted templates. 

Overall, this is one of the best digital planners for iPad users who want to control every aspect of their work lives. When you utilize this planner fully, you can set your focus on promotions, raises, and even just weekly tasks that feel overwhelming. 

Of course, you have the option of printing each page and filling them in or uploading them to a note-taking app. 

With an original price of $15.41, this planner is steep. However, it’s now available for a reduced price of just $4.03. Besides, can you put a price on organization and peace? And, given that the templates are so comprehensive, we think the original price is still a great deal. 


  • Various templates. Complete with over 25 templates, this digital planner bundle has something for everyone. 
  • Strategic planning. Great for planning strategies step by step. 


  • Relatively pricey. Compared to the other digital planners on our list, this is one of the more expensive options. 

PixelPerfectPlanner’s Shadow Work Mental Health Planner

Overview of PixelPerfectPlanner’s Shadow Work Mental Health Planner with 2 iPads showing the planner cover and daily planner

Price: $3.96 on Etsy

Winter blues? You are not alone. Around ten million Americans experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which can make their productivity plummet as much as their mood. 

Luckily, there is a digital planner for that. PixelPerfectPlanner’s Mental Health Planner has it all! You can use the daily, weekly, and monthly pages to plan your time as usual and work on the mental health planner sheets in your spare time. 

The mental health overview is particularly useful; it allows you to record your current mental health status, target mental health status, thoughts, and more. Once you have completed the overview, you can boost your self-care with even more mental health-related trackers and planner pages. 

  • Mood tracker
  • Gratitude journal
  • Mental health journal
  • Wheel of life
  • Therapy notes
  • Growth assessment 

Finance, productivity, and physical health templates are also included. 

In terms of navigation, this planner is super easy. There is a home button on every page, and the index page is fully hyperlinked to direct you to any page in the planner. Each and every page also has a header that includes hyperlinks to the months of the year. 

an iPad showing weekly and monthly views for PixelPerfectPlanner’s Shadow Work Mental Health Planner

Overall, this is one of the best digital planners for iPad users who need a seasonal boost whilst they fulfill all the obligations that come with modern life. 


  • Fully hyperlinked. All 535 pages are fully hyperlinked, and you are never more than two links away from any page. 
  • Holistic. Gives you the tools to improve your mental health while you complete your day-to-day tasks. 


  • Minimalist design. This planner is sleek and refined, but people who deal with SAD might prefer a bolder, more visually stimulating aesthetic. 
  • Undated. For some, undated pages are a big plus. For others, it is just another task to complete. 

Rock Paper Pencil: A Pen-On-Paper Experience for iPad

Most of us are accustomed to planning our days with pen and paper. The transition to writing on an iPad and using a digital planner can feel strange. On its own, the iPad’s glass screen is a slippery surface that can cause messy handwriting. Luckily, a small but mighty market has emerged for paper-feel iPad screen protectors. 

Rock Paper Pencil – Draw and write on iPad like ballpoint pen on paper

Rock Paper Pencil includes a magnetic, paper-feel iPad screen protector and two ballpoint Apple Pencil tips. Built with nano-texture technology, Rock Paper Pencil adds subtle friction between your screen and Pencil, giving you more control while drawing or writing.

  • Magnetic Screen Protector: Easy application, removable and reusable.
  • Matte Texture: Subtle friction mimics the feel of paper (no more slippery glass!)
  • Precision Apple Pencil Tips: Smoother, more controlled strokes