Turn your iPad into a drawing tablet for Mac

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Mac & iPad drawn together

Use the Mac creative tools you know & love, like Photoshop,
with the touch experience of your iPad and
the precision of Apple Pencil

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Blazing fast

Instant feedback for super smooth drawing on your drawing tablet

Wifi & USB

Use your drawing tablet plugged in or wirelessly

One workspace

Mac & iPad work together as one connected workspace

Turn your iPad into a drawing tablet with uncompromised image quality
  • Uncompromised image quality, no compression artifacts
  • Designed for Apple Pencil
  • Works with any Mac app (no drivers required)
  • Built for professional creatives
  • Customizable shortcuts are a touch away
  • Pinch to zoom and pan in Mac apps

Engineered for Art & Design

Powered by LIQUID

Creating the best drawing tablet app required innovative new technology we call LIQUID. The result is stunning image quality and responsiveness never before seen in similar tools.

LIQUID is true to your source material with color corrected output and retina resolution. What you see on your iPad is the same as on your Mac.

Creating the best drawing tablet app required technology called LIQUID

Total creative freedom

LIQUID features breakthrough network technology that keeps up with you even when wirelessly drawing. It really works, allowing you to use your iPad drawing tablet from your desk or sofa.

Peak Performance


GPU accelerated, so your Mac stays fast

Always fluid and responsive

ARM Assembly code to maximize battery life

Color corrected to match your Mac

live–view image quality

Made for professional use

LIQUID vs. JPEG at 60fps and equivalent bitrates

Using LIQUID our drawing tablet app has uncompromising image quality

The best of both worlds

Turn your iPad into a drawing tablet and get the best of both Mac and iPad. With Astropad you can draw directly into Photoshop right from your iPad.

Use your iPad as a drawing tablet and easily connect with your Mac

Designed for Apple Pencil

Stylus pressure and angle (tilt) flow directly to your favorite creative Mac app for optimal control.

Our drawing tablet app supports most pressure sensitive pens
  • The word, revolutionary is truly fitting; this is an exciting new option for digital artists.
  • In short: It really works.
  • Astropad is My new go-to retouching tool
    while on the go; which is a lot.
  • I found performance instantaneous with
    no lag time whatsoever.
  • Astropad is a solution that lets you turn
    your iPad or iPhone into a full featured drawing tablet.


  • Many claim their product is revolutionary. With Astropad, the word, revolutionary is truly fitting; this is a standout idea and an exciting new option for digital artists everywhere.

    Kyle T. Webster Illustrator & Designer
  • Astropad lets me create a high quality product using the tools I already have. As an independent creator, time is very important and Astropad has reduced each issue’s creation time.

    Kool As Heck Comic Book Writer & Artist

Built by former Apple engineers

Matt Ronge
Giovanni Donelli
San Francisco

We were inspired by the original Macintosh and early creative apps like MacPaint that opened up new possibilities. Our logo is a play on the Dogcow and a testament to the idea of the computer as a “Bicycle for your mind”.

In the post-PC era apps have become less powerful gadgets and professional creative tools have been under-developed. Starting with Astropad, we are on a journey to change that and re-define the drawing tablet.

We met at Apple in 2007 where Matt worked on QuickTime and Giovanni on Mac OS X. As ex-Apple engineers we are using our experience to build professional creative tools that work across your Mac, iPad and iPhone. We have ambitious plans for Astropad but we need your help.

Join us on our journey to create the next generation drawing tablet.

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Requires iOS 8
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You will also need a Mac running OS X 10.9+

Visit astropad.com

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