Thought Starters

Two weeks post launch…

The two weeks since the launch of Astropad have been a blur for us. We are truly honored and humbled by the response to Astropad. The week prior to launch, we were still worrying that we’d created an impressive technology demo, but nothing more. Thankfully, we were wrong! At the time of writing this, we have had close to 175,000 unique visitors to our site. WOW!During the past 1.5 years while we built Astropad, it was an intense side project. We kept the lights on at Astro HQ by doing iOS app consulting. I’m happy to announce we’ve had enough sales that we are now working on Astropad full-time!

To everyone that purchased Astropad, a huge thank you! Since Giovanni and I started selling Mac shareware in the classic Mac OS days, it’s been a dream to build our own company making apps. This first release of Astropad is just the beginning for us — we have incredible stuff planned that we’ll be sharing on this blog.

Thanks for joining our journey. We are just getting started!

—Matt Ronge
Co-Founder and CEO