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Third-Party Workaround for Target Display Mode: Luna Display’s Mac-to-Mac

No signs of a Target Display Mode revival from Apple

During Apple’s April event a few weeks ago, there was still hope that Target Display Mode — a feature on older iMacs that allowed them to function as an external monitor for another Mac — would see a revival. According to 9to5 Mac, Target Display Mode was last supported in the mid-2014 iMacs and has since been discontinued.

But despite the latest iMac updates, many people were disappointed to hear no mention of Target Display Mode, especially when the feature could add a lot of value to the growing lineup of M1 Macs.

Luna Display’s third-party TDM workaround: Mac-to-Mac Mode

To fill the gap with Target Display Mode, today we’re releasing a new update for Mac-to-Mac Mode. Mac-to-Mac Mode allows you to use any Mac as a second display, with full trackpad and keyboard support for both devices. The combinations are nearly endless:

  • iMac + MacBook Pro 🖥️💻
  • MacBook + MacBook 💻💻
  • Mac mini + MacBook ◻️ → 💻 (Yes, you can even use your MacBook as the main display for your mini!)

Mac-to-Mac now supports Ethernet and Thunderbolt connections

Previously, Mac-to-Mac Mode only worked over Luna’s wireless connection. With the free Luna Display v4.5 update, Mac-to-Mac Mode will also support Ethernet and Thunderbolt connection between Macs.

This will improve the Mac-to-Mac Mode experience for users that have limited WiFi connection or prefer to not connect wirelessly, as they’ll now have the option for a wired connection.

What’s new in Luna Display 4.5

  • Mac-to-Mac Mode now supports Ethernet and Thunderbolt connection between Macs
  • Primary Luna app now shows a battery indicator for the secondary device
  • Secondary Mac keyboard enhancements: key repeats are properly working
  • Refreshed macOS app icons
  • Retina support on M1 is more reliable now
  • In the iOS app: enhanced compatibility with 2020 iPad Air
  • General bug fixes and improvements

Note: Mac-to-Mac Mode requires the Luna hardware component.