Use your iPad to draw on your Mac

Use the Mac creative tools you know & love with the touch experience of your iPad and the precision of the Apple Pencil

Creativity unleashed

Get the best of both Mac and iPad, draw directly into Photoshop right from your iPad.

blazing fast

Instant feedback for super smooth drawing

wifi + usb

Use your iPad plugged in or wirelessly

one workspace

Mac & iPad work together as one connected workspace

in action

Freedom to create

Turn your iPad into a drawing tablet and get the best of both Mac and iPad. With Astropad you can draw directly into Photoshop or any other app you want, right from your iPad.

Crystal Clear

Uncompromised image quality, no compression artifacts

Use with any App

Works with any Mac app (no drivers required)

So advanced you'd think it's from space

Astropad features breakthrough network technology that keeps up with you even when wirelessly drawing. It really works, allowing you to use your iPad drawing tablet from your desk or sofa.


GPU accelerated, so your Mac stays fast

Frames per second

Always fluid and responsive

Battery Friendly

ARM Assembly code to maximize battery life

Uncompromised Live View
Image Quality

LIQUID vs. JPEG at 60fps and equivalent bitrates




buy today

Turn your iPad into a graphics tablet for Mac. One-time purchase in the iOS App Store.

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Kyle T. Webster


Many claim their product is revolutionary. With Astropad, the word, revolutionary is truly fitting; this is a standout idea and an exciting new option for digital artists everywhere.

Kool As Heck


Astropad lets me create a high quality product using the tools I already have. As an independent creator, time is very important and Astropad has reduced each issue’s creation time.

Mario Hounkanrin


Astropad is the main reason I bought an iPad Pro. I was about to buy a screen tablet when I discovered this amazing application. It was already great when I bought it but it’s constantly getting better and faster. Combined with the Apple pencil, it’s the perfect tool to work digitally.

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