Were we double sherlocked!? | Ep. 35

Each year WWDC brings new competition and this year is no different. Earlier this month, Apple introduced fresh competition to our Luna Mac-to-Mac mode with new features in MacOS Monterey. Tune in to hear how we’ll navigate this new threat.

We are no stranger to being sherlocked by Apple.  Having been through this once before, we share our long-term predictions and why we this second time is so different. We talk about our plan to differentiate ourselves and how we’re seizing this as an opportunity. Plus we share our tips for any company dealing with a new competitor.

On this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How we are dealing with fresh competition from Apple
  • Why not all competition is equal
  • What we think the long term impact will be for Astropad
  • And how we feel about the whole thing

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