The Making of Astropad 1.0 – Part II | Ep. 8

Building Astropad Podcast Episode 8:

Apple calls you the night before your launch and asks for significant changes. What do you do? On this episode, hear how we reacted.

We also talk post-launch blues and taking a leap of faith. We discuss how we made the business sustainable, what ultimately moved the needle for us, and how Apple Pencil changed everything. We talk about how the Minnesota Cup connected us with mentors that changed the direction of our business. Finally, we discuss managing our psychology and why knowing your limitations as a founder is critical.

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Episode Timestamps

  • [0:50] Followup: “Stay aggressive!”
  • [1:40] Our post-launch blues.
  • [3:30] Taking a leap of faith and going fulltime on the business.
  • [4:30] A late-night call from Apple.
  • [7:10] A phase of doubt.
  • [10:00] Making the switch to the App Store.
  • [12:00] Turning the tide with marketing campaigns.
  • [16:30] Minnesota Cup and finding the right mentors.
  • [20:00] Apple Pencil changes everything.
  • [23:00] Knowing your limitations as a founder.
  • [24:50] Why managing your psychology is critical.

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