How to be successful on Youtube in 2021 | Ep. 33

Tausif Hussain on building a YouTube audience

Many of us have creative side projects that if only we could find the time for, we could really turn them into something big, but somehow we never get it done….

Today’s guest, Tausif Hussain is the exception. Tausif has grown his YouTube channel to 40k subscribers and has been recognized by YouTube as a “Creator on the Rise” – while having a full-time job and family. On this episode, Matt talks with Tausif about how he’s done it.

They talk through what got Tausif interested in YouTube, his suggestions for picking a topic, how he gets his inspiration, and why being unique is so important. Tausif shares his process for filming, editing, and promoting his videos and how he finds the time – all of this takes ALOT of time. 

Matt and Tausif also talk about his early days on YouTube, his initial traction, what helped the most for growth, and what he wishes he could tell his old self starting out.

PS: Be sure to check out his series on filmmaking where he dives deep into his equipment, process,s and studio! Oh and don’t forget to check out his tech videos which are just gorgeous. 

On this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Tausif got inspired to create a YouTube channel
  • His process for filming, editing, and promoting videos
  • Where he gets his inspiration
  • How he got his initial traction on YouTube
  • And how he’s grown it to 40k subscribers
  • Finally, his advice for someone just starting out on YouTube

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