How we created our second biggest launch ever | Ep. 43

Earlier this summer, we were feeling pretty stuck. We had been working on Luna Display for Windows going on 2 years and we still hadn’t shipped. So we put together a plan, picked a ship date, and committed to a final sprint. The result was…

… our second biggest launch of all time! 🙌 On this episode, I talk with Savannah about the planning that went into our incredibly successful Luna Display for Windows. We talk about our biggest sources of web traffic, why we think the launch did so well, and what surprised us as a pretty big launch failure (so far). Finally, hear how we faired on Product Hunt and why we might skip it in the future.

On this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How we drove traffic for our launch
  • What we expected to work that didn’t
  • Why we think the launch went so well
  • Why we might skip Product Hunt next time
  • Plus an update on how our 8,000 unit goal is going

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