Kickstarter Mini Series: Launching a Kickstarter during a Global Pandemic | Ep. 5

Building Astropad Podcast Episode 5:

Launching a Kickstarter campaign can be a nerve-racking experience. In this episode, we discuss our greatest fears launching a Kickstarter campaign and how we are mitigating them. We respond to common pre-launch questions and talk about ways to set yourself up for success. We go through what is and isn’t worth worrying about, what social psychology tells us about launching, and a dirty secret about Kickstarter goals. πŸ‘€

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Episode Timestamps

  • [1:30] Launching a Kickstarter campaign in uncertain times.
  • [3:00] Are people funding campaigns during an economic recession?
  • [5:50] Timing your Kickstarter campaign around major events.
  • [8:30] What if you don’t hit your campaign goal?
  • [9:20] The Spotlight Effect
  • [13:30] How complete should your prototype be?
  • [18:00] Nailing your product messaging.
  • [22:00] Is your email list big enough?
  • [25:50] What if you barely surpass the goal?
  • [27:00] The dirty secret of Kickstarter goals.
  • [30:13] What if you get no press coverage?
  • [36:00] Our book recommendations.

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