The biggest threat all 3rd party app developers face | Ep. 29

For a successful product, platform risk is probably your number #1 threat. On this episode, Matt talks about platform risk and how it’s affected Astropad.

Tune in to hear Matt go through examples of platform risk and how he’s sees it almost everywhere now – this isn’t just an Apple ecosystem thing. He talks through platform risks, what you should be most concerned with and how to mitigate them.

Finally, he talks about companies handling platform risk well, and how the best answer of all is a feature that can’t be copied easily, due to your competitor’s business model, culture, tech debt, or positioning. 

On this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What platform risk is, along with examples
  • Why you should care about it
  • How to fight platform risk
  • Which companies are mitigating platform risk well

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