Kickstarter Mini Series: 7 steps for announcing a Kickstarter delay | Ep. 28

You launched a successful Kickstarter and promised your backers a ship date, but now you’re behind schedule. What do you do?

On this episode, Matt and Savannah share what’s worked for them when announcing a Kickstarter update. Of course, you want to avoid a delay, but sometimes it happens. We’ve had to do it twice and we share the 7 step format we’ve used successfully.

This episode is what we wish we knew before we announced our first Kickstarter delay. We share our tips and the key reasons our delay announcements have had a relatively positive reaction – or at least as good as you can hope for.  Hint: Transparency is key!

On this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The format we use for announcing a delay
  • Why we’ve had a relatively positive reaction to our delays   
  • What you need to include in a Kickstarter delay announcement
  • What NOT to do when making a project delay announcement

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