The messy beginnings of new products | Ep. 30

You might think that successful products follow a straight path from idea to prototype and shipment, but in our experience, that’s anything but the case. On this episode, Matt and Giovanni share the history of our first hardware product and the rocky journey to Luna Display 1.0.

They share where the initial concept for Luna Display came from, and why they decided to pursue it despite it being a hardware device, something they had no experience with. They talk through the ups and downs of prototyping, and the major setback early on in the project.

Finally, hear them reflect on how all projects tend to follow this pattern of ups and downs and how it’s not obvious when to quit and when to keep going.

On this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How even successful products have murky beginnings
  • Where the idea for Luna Display came from
  • Our up and down journey building Luna
  • Why we kept pursuing it, despite the setbacks

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