Our products run on our proprietary technology we call LIQUID. It took years of R&D to engineer the LIQUID core, and the result is stunning image quality and responsiveness.

LIQUID’S Velocity Control feature analyzes network conditions dozens of times per second to balance high resolution and low latency. So whether you’re plugged in or wireless, your devices will stay highly responsive.

low-latency performance


Back in 2017, we debuted the Camera Button as a sleek update to Astropad and Luna Display. The Camera Button was an innovative and completely novel iPad interaction that turned the front-facing camera into a button: simply tap the camera to open the app settings sidebar. 

And while this never-before-seen feature was ultimately rejected by Apple, our journey to create the Camera Button highlights our gritty persistence to push the boundaries of engineering — all in our mission to create the best productivity tools possible.

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An artist opens the new camera button feature on Astropad
In Action


Astropad Studio is designed to adapt to every artist’s unique workflow. That’s why we engineered Magic Gestures, our proprietary gesture system that keeps your shortcuts right at your fingertips.

With our customizable tap gestures and finger / Apple Pencil combinations, artists can quickly undo, redo, and switch between tools. Because your tools shouldn’t slow you down.