Inside Astropad, Windows Journey

Windows Progress Report: Frequently Asked Questions

A laptop and tablet work together thanks to Luna Display

Everything You Need to Know About our Progress Towards Windows

As we continue on our path to Windows, we’ve received a lot of excellent questions from current users and potential ones, too. In an effort to keep everyone informed on what we’re working on, here are answers to some of your burning questions about Astropad Studio, Astropad Standard, and Luna Display for Windows!

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Current Users

Will my current Luna dongle work?

Our goal is to make our USB-C Luna dongles work for Windows. We’re also working on a new HDMI Luna specifically for Windows users since this is a common port found in PCs.

If I’m currently a customer with the apps do I have to buy them again in order for them to work with Windows?

No. We will launch new Windows-specific apps that will be available for download for those who have already paid for our products.

Product Features

Will the Windows versions of your apps be as fast as the Mac versions?

Yes, we’re working to ensure that our products have the same performance across all platforms.

Once your products are available for Windows, will I be able to use them with both a Windows computer and tablet or will they only work with a Windows computer and iPad?

Our products will be made to work between a Windows computer and an iPad. This includes Apple Pencil support!

How many screens can I use with Luna for Windows? 

A: Luna extends your primary display to one additional secondary screen. So, you can have one additional screen per Windows setup.

Can I use Luna + Astropad together with the Windows version?

Yes, absolutely!

Will Luna have Headless Mode as it does on Mac?

Yes, our goal is to have Headless Mode available with Luna for Windows.

Should I expect to see the same features on the Windows versions of your products?

Yes, that’s what we are working towards. The idea is to have the same features that Luna, Studio, and Standard currently have. If you’re wondering what those are, here’s everything you need to know about what Luna, Studio, and Standard have to offer.

Platform + App Capability

Why aren’t Windows versions of your products available now?

Great question! We’ve always been a Mac-focused company and we’ve been steadily working towards Windows for several months now. We’re making significant progress, but more has to be done to get this right. Most recently, we hired two new Windows Engineers to speed up the process. Here’s our most recent and very in-depth progress report for more details.

Will Luna, Studio, and Standard work with any PC applications?

Yes. Just like the Mac versions, we’re working to ensure that our products work with any PC app.

Are you developing for Android and/or Linux?

We’re re-writing our code in Rust – which means we’re investing in a code foundation that will help us reach all new platforms. That includes Android, Linux, and beyond! Once we reach Windows, we’ll be looking into additional platforms to bring our products to.

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