Inside Astropad, Staff Spotlight

Meet the Astronaut: Gabriel, Windows Software Engineer

A whole lot of coffee beans

Our small team is stacked with talent. As a remote-first team, we’re spread across many timezones and regions. Curious about who works behind the scenes at Astropad? Here’s a glimpse at what we are all about, one staff interview at a time.

Gabriel Dubé

  • Location: Québec City, Québec, Canada
  • Zodiac Sign: Gemini
  • Coffee or Tea: Coffee, black
  • Truth or Dare: Truth

Tell us about your role.

I’m working to bring Astropad and Luna to Windows.

What’s your favorite thing about the work you do?

I can create new things using pure logic.

Where do you mostly work from?


What’s your workspace like?

I have a desk, a chair, and a computer. Pretty standard stuff I think 🙂

Do you have any pets?

I want a cat, or two, or 10. Maybe in the future.

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