Inside Astropad

Second production batch complete, more Lunas out for delivery

Luna production is in full swing! Last week, our co-founder Giovanni traveled to China to oversee the second official manufacturing batch of Luna Display units. By now, many elements of the production process have been optimized to handle thousands of units — allowing us to scale up to 3,000 USB-C units and 1,000 Mini DisplayPort units in this batch. The video below shares a behind-the-scenes look into our latest manufacturing round, from assembly to quality testing to packaging each Luna unit. 

Third production batch scheduled for late August 

The units from our second production batch are currently en route to our distribution center in Atlanta and will be shipped out to backers soon after their arrival. Between our Kickstarter backers and pre-orders, we have a total of 8,551 Luna Display orders to fulfill. We fulfilled 7% of those orders (655 units) following our first batch of Luna production in June. Our next production round is planned for the end of August/ beginning of September, at which point we will fulfill 80% of USB-C orders and 30% of Mini DisplayPort orders. 

All units will be delivered by the end of December 2018 

Orders are being fulfilled on a rolling basis over the coming months, and all Luna Display units will be delivered by the end of December 2018. While we are unable to provide the specific date for an individual delivery, it is our top priority to get a high-quality Luna unit into your hands as soon as possible. You will receive a confirmation email with tracking info when your order ships. For more information on shipments, please visit our Shipment FAQ.

A note about Mini DisplayPort production 

Because our USB-C production is ahead of Mini DisplayPort production, USB-C units will be fulfilled first, followed by Mini DisplayPort units. We aren’t favoring one particular model over the other. During testing, we ran into more issues with the mDP design than we did with USB-C (we have to support over 70 Mac models for mDP versus only a handful of Mac models for USB-C). All design issues have since have been corrected, and our next production run will include both mDP and USB-C models.

How are you using Luna? We want to know! 

In an effort to better understand our users, we’d love to see how you’re using Luna — what your workspace looks like and what programs you’re using. Are you using Luna on-the-road? At home? At the beach? Please tag us in your photos on social media (TwitterFacebookInstagram)! We want to learn more about how you’re integrating Luna into your workflow.