Maker Spotlight

Introducing the Astropad Creative Directory

The Astropad dog logo flying through space

During these uncertain times, Astropad stands in solidarity with the creative community.

With COVID-19 and economic uncertainty, there’s no doubt that things are incredibly turbulent right now. It can be hard to feel optimistic when there’s no definite end in sight. Serving the creative community has always been the heart of what we do at Astropad — and we’re saddened to hear how artists are being impacted by the pandemic.

In these challenging times, we want to extend our support for artists by offering visibility to their online presence. The Astropad Creative Directory is a diverse gallery of some of the artists that make up our community. We understand how important social media followers and visits to an artist’s portfolio can be to making sales and landing new projects. We hope to drive more awareness to our talented user base through this initiative.

We invite you to use the Creative Directory to discover artists, make connections, and start new collaborations.