Inside Astropad

Frequently Asked Questions about Your Luna Shipment

When is my order going to ship? 

Orders are being fulfilled on a rolling basis over the coming months. All Luna Display units will be delivered by the end of December 2018. While we are unable to provide the specific date for an individual delivery, it is our top priority to get a high-quality Luna unit into your hands as soon as possible.

Because our USB-C production is ahead of Mini DisplayPort production, USB-C units will be fulfilled first, followed by Mini DisplayPort units. Please note we are only shipping complete orders — if you ordered both USB-C and mDP units, your order will not ship until we have both units.

How can I make changes to my order? 

To change your address or order (including switching ports from USB-C to mDP) go to On the final confirmation screen, you can edit shipping information, pledge information or add ons.

If your order is already locked down (you will have received an email about this), please contact with any changes you would like to make to your order.

Why is the shipping date December 2018 if you already shipped 500 units? 

We are manufacturing Luna in multiple batches over the coming months. Breaking the production schedule into batches ensures that each Luna unit can be carefully inspected for quality before it is sent to our distribution center. We are fulfilling units on a rolling basis, and all Luna units will be manufactured and delivered by the end of 2018. 

Why are you shipping USB-C units before Mini DisplayPort units? 

We aren’t favoring one particular model over the other. USB-C production has been a few months ahead of mDP. During testing, we ran into more issues with the mDP design than we did with USB-C (we have to support over 70 Mac models for mDP versus only a handful of Mac models for USB-C). All design issues have since have been corrected, and our next production run will include both mDP and USB-C models.

What countries does Luna ship to? 

We currently ship to the United States, European Union, Switzerland, Japan, and Canada. If you are interested in Luna but live outside of these countries, you can sign up for our Luna mailing list and we will notify you when we expand our shipping destinations:

What happened to my Luna bundle (Artist Bundle, 2-Pack, 5-Pack, etc)? 

We are only shipping out complete orders of Lunas — if you ordered a Transition Kit or if your order contains one of each port, they will be fulfilled when we have enough inventory of each port type. The multi-packs will be fulfilled last as we have limited quantities at this point and want to be able to fulfill the orders of as many backers as possible. 

We are currently creating the framework to support subscription activation for the Artist Bundles. If you have purchased an Artist Bundle and would like to activate your subscription before your Luna arrives, please contact us at

Astropad is not working with my Luna device — what’s up with that? 

We will be releasing a new version of Astropad (both Astropad Standard and Studio) at the end of July that includes support for Luna Display. It’s going to be Astro-mazing!

I received my Luna, but I have some problems or questions. Can you help me? 

We can help! Please contact us at

I want to buy more Lunas! Can I do it? 

Yes, we are accepting pre-orders at Pre-orders will be fulfilled after Kickstarter orders, with an estimated delivery of January 2019.