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Artists are turning to Astropad for its flexible and efficient workflow. Learn more about how creative pros are making Astropad a part of their growing businesses.

Guillermo de la Maza, Photographer

"When you’re constantly traveling and editing images on-the-go, it’s pretty cumbersome to carry all of your equipment around with you. I’m so in love with Astropad because it allows me to edit pretty much everywhere. And the fact that Astropad works wirelessly is tremendous."

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Tobias Ludescher, Illustrator & Animator

“Before Astropad, I couldn’t take my graphics tablet with me on the road, so I felt really limited. But Astropad totally revolutionized my workflow. I can follow a natural analog process, as if I’m drawing with pencil and paper. Now I have new animation skills to offer clients, and I have more jobs coming up using the Astropad setup. I can do everything now, and it feels really empowering."

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